The Economy of Francesco

This course is a course of fraternity: we want to talk about the economy as a place of fraternity in which to take care of one another. But we would also like to establish a fraternal relationship among us. I am formally the professor of this course. I wrote "formally" on purpose.  This course was born with Paolo Santori, with whom I share an extraordinary journey: the Economy of Francesco ( Like the Economy of Francesco (the experience), this course has no owner. It is, instead, a course centered on a very clear principle: collective intelligence is always superior to individual intelligence. That is why, during the course, you will often be confronted with the experiences of young researchers building EoF daily. Therefore, this course does not have a single and univocal reference book. From time to time, you will be offered ideas and stimuli to improve or deepen your knowledge of specific topics. The slides and all the course material are available here