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The impacts of unexpected, unforeseen or exogenous events on demographic and behavioural attitudes

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Ongoing projects:

The impacts of digital technologies on demographic and socioeconomic outcomes

"Mobile money and the labor market: Evidence from Africa". With De Gasperin, C., Kashyap, R., Olmeti, A., Stanca, L.  

How interpersonal trust and trust in science evolve within societies and unfold during unexpected events.

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The impacts of individual-level demographic discontinuities on behavioural attitudes

"The Puzzle of Parenthood and Wellbeing: Exploring the Role of the Brain". With Allegra, M., Barban, N., Kashyap, R., Reverberi, C., Sironi, M.

"Parenthood and Support for Local and Global Public Goods"

Methodological and theoretical research

"What exactly is public in a public good game? A lab-in-the-field experiment". With Battiston, P., Gamba, S., Rizzolli, M.

"Narrative capital in TV shows". With Dalla Torre, P., Fantozzi, P., Naldi, M., Rizzolli, M.


"Are gender differences in COVID-19 attitudes and behavior related to COVID-related mortality?" With Kashyap, R., Battiston, P., Levati, S., Corna, L.